Hey girl, I'm Alex!

Head Coach & Founder

Alex is an elite Australian Powerlifting Champion with a multitude of Australian records and titles. Alex has competed in over 12 competitions and is currently in the top 5 all time strongest in her weight class.

Alex founded Girls Who Lift to pursue her passion in life, supporting and coaching women to become the strongest version of themselves. She has worked tirelessly to create a space and community for women in strength to feel confident and to get really, really strong.

Alex coaches anyone from beginners in the gym to competitive athletes and her goal is to see a barbell in the hands of every female.

"I am on a mission to make a positive impact on as many women's lives as possible, creating mentally and physically strong women who feel empowered to achieve anything in life." - Alex McNeill

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Whether you just want to get strong, learn how to manage your nutrition, or prepare for a powerlifting competition - Girls Who Lift offer a variety of services to support you on your strength journey.

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Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Performance Nutrition Coaching
  • Bachelor of Business, Marketing
  • Women's Health Specialist Certificate

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