A female-only powerlifting & strength community, supporting the strongest version of you!

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Meet Alex, Head Coach & Founder


Girls Who Lift was founded with the goal to open doors for women to compete in the sport of powerlifting, whilst also supporting & encouraging women to become the strongest version of themselves.

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Just starting out on your strength journey?

We have a variety of membership options customised specifically to you and your goals. With the expertise of professional strength coaches, you'll learn how to gain strength in the gym and successfully compete in a Powerlifting competition.

Strength Only - $50 p/w

Strength coaching for powerlifting including full access to the Girls Who Lift app, customised programming, weekly one-on-one video check-in, and everything you need to prep for a powerlifting competition.

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Nutrition Only - $50 p/w

Full access to the Girls Who Lift app where you can update your progress photos, weekly measurements and access your customised macros specific to your competition goals.

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Strength & Nutrition - $80 p/w

Full access to the Girls Who Lift app, and weekly inclusions incorporating both Strength & Nutrition components. 

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"Not only has Girls Who Lift changed the way I think about strength training, but it has completely taken me in a direction I never thought it would in terms of competing and realising my strength potential. What makes it even better is the supportive and empowering women that we get to train with, and be coached by!"


"I have never been stronger or more comfortable in my own skin! Alex as my coach was a game-changer!"


"I am so thankful for joining GWL. Alex has not only helped me to get stronger and learn about nutrition, she has empowered me to improve in other areas of my life. I am now stronger (physically and mentally) and more confident in myself than I ever have been."

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